You can sell shiv Khera pdf in English free download

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You can sell shiv Khera pdf English







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 You can sell was written based on the scenario 10 years back, and many concepts hold true. The new tools, technology, and methods are in trend, but the basics remain the same.
This book should be read by every individual once if
You hate the selling concept.
You want to join selling as a professional.
How selling can help you enhance your whole personality.
How you can turn no’s to yes?
How you can build a relationship rather than just sell?
This book talks about “PRINCIPLES OF TRADE” and not “Tactics or tricks of the trade“. Principles of trade talk about all the principles needed for selling rather than applying the cheap tricks of the trade.
I just wish I could have read this book 16 years back when I started my career with one of the internships and was not happy to be called a sales executive. I was under this impression for a long 5-year period, but then I got an opportunity to explore the option of working as a Head of the department.
This was the time I started understanding the difference between “selling with tact” and “Ethical relationship trading”.
It took a lot of time for me to develop this skill as the training provided was not far-sighted but was focused on achieving the target. This has brought me a long way in my entrepreneurial journey.
I make this a point when some people join me in my team I make them differentiate between tact and principles. They should focus on ethical relationship building by 3 basic foundations – integrity, respect, and responsibility.
This will be a win-win situation for them and the prospect whose needs we fulfill. If anyone would read this book a person would simply understand the principles of the sales trade and with innovation around can use it for their own growth, for brand building, and for relationship betterment.

You can sell shiv Khera pdf in English Download



You can sell shiv Khera pdf in English




Pdf Book Name You can sell shiv Khera pdf
AuthorShiv Khera
Pdf Size2 Mb
Total Page285
CategorySelf Help




You can sell shiv Khera pdf in English free download
You can sell shiv Khera pdf in English for free download




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