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William Wordsworth was born on 7 April 1770 in Cockmark, Cumberland, England. William Wordsworth’s father’s name was John Wordsworth and his mother’s name was Ann Cookson. William Wordsworth was the second of five siblings. Wordsworth House in Cumberland is located in the beautiful part of North West England known as the Lake District. William Wordsworth’s elder sister, Derothy Wordsworth, was the diarist poet to whom William Wordsworth devoted his entire life. They were both baptized together.





William Wordsworth had three other siblings named Richard, John, and Christopher. Richard was the eldest of his siblings and joined the legal profession. Derothy was a poet and John Wordsworth was a ship captain who died in 1805 in a shipwreck off the south coast of England. Christopher was the youngest of his siblings to attend church regularly and became a teacher at Trinity College, Cambridge.





William Wordsworth’s father was a legal advisor to James Lowther, formerly of Lansdale. Because of his high status, he lived in a big mansion in a small town. He had to stay away from his family members due to business. William Wordsworth’s father spent little time with his children. William Words’ father died in 1783.





William Wordsworth’s father greatly encouraged his son William Wordsworth to read. Shakesworth Peer was inspired to read poetry written in several parts by Milton and Spenser. William Wordsworth was allowed by his father to use his library. William Wordsworth lived with his maternal grandparents in Cumberland but did not live with his grandparents and uncles, who also lived in Cumberland.





William Wordsworth’s paternal grandparents, who lived in Cumberland, were bitterly hostile to him, causing William Wordsworth to once contemplate suicide. William used his father’s library during his studies which helped him. In 1975, William Wordsworth was allowed to inherit his father’s property and live with his younger sister, Dorothy.





William Wordsworth met Samuel Taylor Coleridge only in 1795, in the end, this meeting turned into friendship. William and Samuel Taylor Coleridge worked together to compose Ballads in 1798. Wordsworth was still finding a way out of his ambition while writing his contribution to lyric ballads. Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Wordsworth’s Return to the Abbey volumes helped the Romantic Tavada to take hold in English poetry.





William Wordsworth began a long series of poems randomly titled The Ruined Cottage. Which was later known as ‘Peddler’. Its purpose was that this poem with the title ‘The Recluse or View of Man’ Nature and Society should become a poem of philosophical spirit. But this grand project never materialized as originally planned.





It was during the winter months spent in Germany that William Wordsworth began work on his magnum opus, The Prilutu, or Growth of a Poet’s Mind, which was published only after his death. The unpaid style was not comfortable for William Wordsworth. He was just happy to handle the experiences of lyrical style and philosophical sentiment. He could generate imagination and creativity by connecting closely with himself.




Wordsworth moved with his family from Dove Cottage to quarters in Grasmere in 1808, and after a gap of five years took up permanent residence at Rydal Mount, near Embleyside. William Wordsworth published two volumes of poems in 1807. In 1813, William Wordsworth accepted the position of ticket distributor for the county game of Westmoreland. This appointment earned him an annual salary of €400. William Wordsworth completed the only part of The Recluse in 1814 during the Bhramar. In 1815 Wordsworth’s collection of short poems and important essays with other collected poems were published by Wordsworth’s publication Prelude, Home Grasmere, and The Words Salisbury.




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