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Everyone has low days. Everyone. But we all die in how frequent the low days are and how severe
the low mood.




Something that I have come to realize over the years of working as a psychologist is how much people struggle with low mood and never tell a soul. Their friends and family would never know. They mask it, push it away, and focus on meeting expectations. Sometimes people arrive at therapy are years of doing that.




They feel like they’re getting something wrong. They compare themselves to the people who appear to have it all together all of the time.





The ones who are always smiling and apparently full of energy. They buy into the idea that some people are just like that and that happiness is some sort of personality type. You either have it or you don’t.




If we see low mood as purely a fault in the brain, we don’t believe we can change it, so instead, we get to work on hiding it. We go about the day, doing all the right things, smiling at all the right people, yet all the time feeling a bit empty and dragged down by that low mood, not
enjoying things in the way we are told we should.





Take a moment to notice your body temperature. You might feel perfectly comfortable, or you may be too hot or too cold. Changes in how hot or cold you feel could be a sign of infection and
illness, it could just as easily be a signal of things around you.





Maybe you forgot your jacket, which is normally enough to protect you from the cold. Perhaps the sky has clouded over and it has started to rain.





Maybe you are hungry or dehydrated. When you run for the bus you notice you warm up. Our body temperature is affected by our environment, both internal and external, and we also have the power to influence it ourselves…..Download the full book from the below link.






Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before Pdf




Pdf Book NameWhy Has Nobody Told Me This Before 
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Total Page368 Pages
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Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before PDF Download




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