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Under One Roof Ali Hazelwood Pdf








Six months ago


“Frankly, They get on like a house on fire is the most misleading saying in the English language. Faulty wiring?




Misuse of heating equipment? Suspected arson? Not evocative of two people getting along in the least.




Do you know what a house on fire has me picturing? Bazookas. Flamethrowers. Sirens in the distance. Because nothing is more guaranteed to start a house fire than two enemies blowtorching each other’s most prized possession.




Want to trigger an explosion? Being nice to your roommate is not going to do it. Lighting a match on top of their kerosene-soaked handmade quilt, on the other hand—” “Miss?” The Uber driver turns, looking guilty about interrupting my pre-apocalyptic spiel. “Just a heads-up— we’re about five minutes from your destination.”




I smile an apologetic Thank you and glance back at my phone. My two best friends’ faces take up the entire screen. Then, on the upper corner, there’s me: more frowny than usual (well justified), more pasty than usual (is that even possible?), more ginger than usual (must be the filter, right?).




“That’s a totally fair take, Mara,” Sadie says with a puzzled expression, “and I encourage you to submit your, um, very valid complaints to Madame Merriam-Webster or whoever’s in charge of these matters, but . . . I literally only asked you how the funeral went.”…Download the full book from below link.




Under One Roof Ali Hazelwood Pdf Download




Under One Roof Ali Hazelwood Pdf



Pdf Book NameUnder One Roof Ali Hazelwood Pdf
AuthorAli Hazelwood
Total Page171
Pdf Size2.14 MB
CategoryRomantic Novels




Under One Roof
Under One Roof Ali Hazelwood Download




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