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Typing Book Pdf





Our National Flag has to bite Ashok Chakra on it. This wheel is a symbol of DHARMA. If we always do the right things, we follow DHARMA. The twenty-four spokes in the wheel show the differences between our people.




A small circle connects these spokes. It shows that we are one. The wheel also shows that we are going forward. Our flag is a tri-color. Saffron is the symbol of sacrifice and a strong mind. White is the symbol of purity, love, and peace.




Green is the symbol of plenty and joy. We hoist and salute our flag. We are ready to make sacrifices for our country. We want peace and progress. We want to be pure. Our ‘National Anthem’ is a song by the great poet Tagore.




It was his prayer song. He sings about the people, mountains, rivers, and seas of India. He says that God is the master of all these and that everyone and everything in India praises him.




We sing this song in colors with respect. All of us salute our National Flag and sing our National Anthem. This shows that we are one nation. We also promise to love and respect our country, our parents, elders, teachers, and all others in India.




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Typing Book Pdf



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