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Twisted Hate Pdf







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when I was feeling under the weather—and I hadn’t wanted to leave him hanging again. So I sucked it up and showed up, only to get stood up.
The universe had a sense of humor, all right, and it was a shitty one. I finished the rest of my drink and flagged down the bartender. “Can I get the check to please?”
Happy the hour had just started, but I could t wait to go home and curl up with the two real loves of my life. Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s never let me down. “It’s already covered.”
When my eyebrows shot up, the bartender tilted her head toward a table of preppy-looking
twenty-something guys in the corner. Likely consultants, based on their outfits. One of them, a Clark Kent lookalike in a gingham shirt, raised his glass and smiled at me. “Courtesy of Clark the Consultant.”
I stifled a laugh even as I raised my own glass and smiled back at him. So I was’ t the only one who thought he looked like Superman’s alter ego.
“Clark the Consultant saved me from eating instant ramen for dinner, so cheers to him,” I said.
That was sixteen dollars I could keep in my bank account, though I left a tip anyway. I used to work in the food service industry, and it made me obsessive with over-tipping.
No one dealt with more assholes on a consistent basis than service workers. I finished
my free drink and kept my eyes locked on Clark the Consultant, whose gaze swept appreciatively over my face, hair, and body.
I didn’t believe in false humility —I knew I looked good. And I knew if I walked over to that table right now, I could soothe my bruised ego with more drinks, compliments, and maybe an orgasm or two later if he knew what he was doing.
Tempting…but no. I was too exhausted to go through the whole hookup song and dance.I turned away, but not before catching the flash of disappointment on his face. To his credit, Clark the Consultant understood the implied message—thank you for the drink, but I’m not interested in taking things further —and didn’t try to approach me, which was more than I could say for most men……



Twisted Hate Pdf


Pdf Book Name  twisted hate pdf
Author Ana Huang
Pdf Size 1.6 MB
Total Page 458
Language English




Twisted Hate Pdf
Twisted Hate Pdf Download




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