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Port Nyanzaru is a bastion of civilization and commerce in a savage land. The amount of business that unfolds here and the cash that moves through its counting houses would make any merchant of Baldur’s Gate or Waterdeep jealous.





It’s also a colorful, musical, aroma-filled, vibrant city in its own right. Other than trade, the biggest attractions are the weekly dinosaur races through the streets. Locals and visitors alike wager princely sums on the races’ outcomes.





The city also boasts grand bazaars, glorious mansions and temples, circuses, and gladiatorial contests. Enemies surround Port Nyanzaru on all sides. The jungle teems with ferocious reptiles and murderous undead, pirates prowl the surrounding sea, and the mouth of the bay is home
to a greedy dragon turtle.





Characters who question locals can learn rumors that might help them survive the perils of Chult. The characters can secure gear and guides before leaving the city. Syndra Silvaneis too weak to accompany them or provide any additional support.





If you are running this adventure in a homebrewD&D setting, you can place Port Nyanzaru wherever you see fit and even change its name. If you’re using another published D&D setting, you can dispense with Port Nyanzaru entirely and use a different coastal city as the launching point for the party jungle expedition.




Examples from other settings include the city of Sasserine on the edge of the Oerth’s Amedio Jungle, the city of Slagovich near the Savage Coast of Mystara, and the city of Stormreach on Eberron’s continent of Xen’drik. Download The Full Book From The Below Link.





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