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Deepak went to Balkishan’s house in Velwa village and gave him five lakh rupees and said – Now you should prepare well for marriage. Balkishan said – Deepak Bhai – You go and get the land registered now or get it done only after the marriage is over. Deepak said – When you get a chance, go to Agra and register the land, saying this, Deepak started leaving, then Balkishan said – Deepak Bhai – I invite you to come to the wedding.




You will definitely come with your friends. The wedding is on 12th May, but why did you give us Rs 5 lakh instead of Rs 2 lakh? Deepak said – this money has been given to you through (Saroj Seva Kendra) and that land will also be bought in the name of Saroj Seva Kendra, of which 3 lakh more has been given to help in the marriage of your daughter. If there is any debt on you, then return it, and you will not have to return this 3 lakh rupees.





Saying this, Deepak went away, after Deepak’s departure, Balkishan started thinking, are there people in this selfish world who understand the pain of others? Balkishan got busy preparing for the wedding. The day of 12th May also arrived, and all the preparations for the marriage were completed as per their eligibility. Deepak had come with his five companions, Radhe was also there. Deepak had already told all his companions to be ready. Why? On such occasions, the Jaichand people of the village become very active and are very happy with the insult of the person in front of them in any way.




Such people who are content with obstacles get pleasure from insulting others. Deepak was also a resident of the village, he knew every trick of such (Vighna Santoshi) people, so he was fully prepared with his five companions. Deepak had asked his five friends to come afternoon.




The procession had arrived on time, and after the Dvarachar, there was an arrangement for refreshments which were settled in a proper manner. The marriage ceremony had started, and Balkishan had asked all the bars for food. On such an occasion, many youths and adults of the village, Vighna Santoshi, had gone missing. He was feeling how did a person like Balkishan make such a beautiful arrangement.




Baraati went to the food stall to have food, but there was no one there, whispers started, then Deepak seized the opportunity, then deployed all his colleagues at the food stall, Balkishan came to the food stall for some time, So saw that there was no person from his village there. Deepak pointed out to him that all the arrangements have been made, and all the Baraatis went to their homes after having dinner in the night itself.





There was no chaos anywhere, everything was done smoothly, all the disruptions were surprising to the Santoshi people and they all came to see and then broke down to have food, at the same time the work order of Balkishan marriage was completed. After doing so, he came there, where the traitors of the village, Jaichand, we’re throwing a feast. All those people were ashamed to see Balkishan.





Some courageous people crossed the limits of audacity and said – Brother Bale! The food is very good, and your arrangement is also very good, Bale said – All this has happened due to the grace of God as well as Deepak Bhai. Balkishan had given all the household items to his girl, and all the people on the boy’s side were happy. This marriage had become the center of discussion in the village, and only then someone (Jaichand) said that it has happened through (Saroj-Seva Kendra). An old man said – Why don’t you also join that center, hearing this (Jaichand) was stunned.





Tinkle Comics Pdf Download




Tinkle Comics Pdf in English







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