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The Z Factor Book Pdf







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This Writer was a former editor-in-chief of DNA, a newspaper owned by Mr. Subhash Chandra, his performance ever under the proprietor’s legitimately hawkish if educative watch. I must say it feels good, for a change, to be sitting in judgment of my ex-boss. Mr. Chandra’s autobiography is co-authored with a journalist, who is also a columnist for the paper. How helpful such an association would be to the reader is a matter of speculation.

About Mr. Subhash Chandra who is the main character of this book

Mr. Subhash Chandra is a pioneer in TV, packaging, and entertainment; but perhaps not in the English language. As he told this writer once, “English is not my mother tongue.” Why then has he ventured into the seemingly anti-national territory? — if the current debates are anything to go by, Mr. Chandra is firmly on the nationalist side. It is in keeping with his ambitious nature. English gives him respect, which explains the continued and troubled existence of his newspaper as well. By respect I mean clout; a visiting card in the corridors of power. Mr. Chandra is familiar with every inch of these corridors as his book shows, and he flaunts his card(s) with relish.

Mr. Chandra



 Mr. Chandra started out at a very young age. He was hardly 17, when he began transporting grains from his village in Hisar in Haryana to the Delhi markets, traveling mostly alone, and wholly in charge of his trade and his extended family. That takes courage. And Mr. Chandra has it in plenty. From those tough days, he has come far, owning close to Rs 30,000 crores in disposable income. As Mr. Chandra describes himself — never a modest man even on a Sunday — “he is the wrong man at the right time.”
In the light of what he has chosen to write or reveal, this epigram too only sounds like truth. If he were the wrong man at the right time, he wouldn’t own a business empire whose milestones seem to have been accomplished by political patronage.
Though Mr. Chandra is a BJP party member and is ideologically affiliated to the RSS, the fact that, by 1992, he was running a Rs 1,000 crore business owes much to the Congress governments and the patronage of the Gandhi family. He is, of course, no longer on good terms with the family.



The Z Factor Book Pdf in English Download




The Z Factor Book Pdf



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The Z Factor Book Pdf in English Download







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