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The Silent Patient Book Pdf







ALICIA BERENSON WAS THIRTY-THREE YEARS OLD when she killed her husband. They had been married for seven years. They were both artists—Alicia was a painter, and Gabriel was a well-known fashion photographer. He had a distinctive style, shooting semi-starved, semi-naked women in strange, unflattering angles.




Since his death, the price of his photographs has increased astronomically. I find his stuff rather slick and shallow, to be honest. It has none of the visceral quality of Alicia’s best work. I don’t know enough about art to say whether Alicia Berenson will stand the test of time as a painter.





Her talent will always be overshadowed by her notoriety, so it’s hard to be objective. And you might well accuse me of being biased.





All I can offer is my opinion, for what it’s worth. And to me, Alicia was a kind of genius. Apart from her technical skill, her paintings have an uncanny ability to grab your attention—by the throat, almost—and hold it in a viselike grip.




Gabriel Berenson was murdered six years ago. He was forty-four years old. He was killed on the
the twenty-fifth of August—it was an unusually hot summer, you may remember, with some of the highest temperatures ever recorded.




The day he died was the hottest of the year. On the last day of his life, Gabriel rose early. A car collected him at 5:15 a.m. from the house he shared with Alicia in northwest London, on the edge of Hampstead Heath, and he was driven to a shoot in Shoreditch. He spent the day photographing models on a rooftop for Vogue.




Not much is known about Alicia’s movements. She had an upcoming exhibition and was behind
with her work. It’s likely she spent the day painting in the summerhouse at the end of the garden,
which she had recently converted into a studio. In the end, Gabriel’s shoot ran late, and he wasn’t
driven home until eleven p.m…Download the full book from the below link.




The Silent Patient Book Pdf Download





The Silent Patient Book Pdf



Pdf Book NameThe Silent Patient Book Pdf
AuthorAlex Michaelides
Total Page217
Pdf Size950 Kb
CategoryCrime novels and mysteries





The Silent Patient Book Pdf
The Silent Patient Book Pdf Download



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