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The Krishna Key Pdf English









Let me start at the very beginning… even before I was born. One of my ancestors was King Yayati.
He was cursed by the sage Shukracharya for having been unfaithful to his wife, Devayani, who
was Shukracharya’s daughter.





The curse was that Yayati would grow old prematurely and thus be unable to enjoy the pleasures of his youth and potency.





Later, Shukracharya relented and softened the blow: Yayati would be spared if one of his sons, Yadu or Puru, accepted the consequences of the curse. The older son, Yadu, refused, but the younger, Puru, agreed to take it on himself. As a reward, Yayati chose Puru to succeed him as king, in place of Yadu.




The enraged Yayati enlarged upon the punishment to his elder son. ‘Neither you nor your descendants will ever occupy a throne!’ he prophesied, in a fury.





The unlucky Yadu left his home and settled down in Mathura where his lineage flourished. Yadu’s
descendants were the Yadavas, of which I was one. Yadavas, since then, have been king-makers, but never kings. Puru went on to become the patriarch of the kingdom of Hastinapur—into which the families of the Kauravas and Pandavas were born.




Anil Varshney did not know that he had less than twelve minutes left to live. His modest house in the Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan was deathly quiet at this hour except for the humming of the desert cooler.




Varshney loved the silence. It allowed him to immerse himself entirely in the strange letterings and
symbols that lay before him.




Work was meditation and prayer for India’s youngest linguist and symbolist who had shot to
instant fame when he succeeded in deciphering several ancient hieroglyphs from the Indus Valley civilization.




Fluent in over fifteen languages, Varshney had ten publications to his credit including the most widely used multilingual dictionaries of Indian languages.




He was to ancient writing systems that Bill Gates was to operating systems. His living space was fashionably disorganized, reflective of the eclectic genius that inhabited it.





The bedroom was rarely used because most of Varshney’s life was spent at archaeological sites, particularly Kalibangan, the most important Indus Valley site in Rajasthan. His living room had no furniture except for a desk and a patterned-fabric couch that had seen better days. The bare floor was littered with stacks of books, bundles of research papers, as well as cardboard boxes filled with the objects of Varshney’s study—seals, pottery fragments, scrolls, and parchments.




On the desk before him lay a small rectangular seal, around 20 x 20 mm, apparently made of the conch shell. The seal had a square peg in the back. Strangely, the peg had no hole for inserting a ring into, as was usual with seals of this type…Download the full book from the below link.




The Krishna Key Pdf Download




The Krishna key Pdf in English



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