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The India Way Pdf in English








It was unsettling to discover after four decades as a professional diplomat that many of the assumptions on which we had operated were now being called into question. But it did not follow from there that our experiences were suddenly irrelevant.





On the contrary, it seemed that those who could most objectively assess the last many decades were best placed to anticipate the coming times. Seeking truth from facts is, however, not easy. If the pressure of political correctness is one challenge, the weight of accumulated dogma is no less. An equally difficult reconciliation is that between an adequate awareness of the global context, and yet viewing it from a hardheaded national perspective.





This has been a persistent dilemma since Independence and the era of nationalism has only sharpened it further.




These are some issues of an endeavor that has occupied me for the last two years. In many ways, it was natural to put pen to paper on the subjects around which my life has revolved.





An unpublished Ph.D. thesis and an in-house history of the Indo-US nuclear deal provided some confidence to do so. Thus, it came about after my tenure as Foreign Secretary ended in 2018, this initiative began through a fellowship with the Institute of South Asian Studies, Singapore.





If the project kept changing form and content thereafter, much of that reflected the rapid pace of events in the world we live in.





At some stage, I put aside the temptation of bringing in any aspects of a memoir, believing that they are better written by those who are no longer operational. Instead, my effort was to develop an argumentation on contemporary politics through interactions in different forums, keeping
them as analytical and dispassionate as possible.





Looking at the world over these four decades from key vantage points was truly helpful in arriving at a detached view of its risks and possibilities.





A professional initiation in Moscow taught me valuable lessons in great power politics, some perhaps unintended. Four stints dealing with the United States created a lasting interest in a polity whose confidence and resilience are quite unique.





A long stay in Japan was an education in the nuances of East Asia, as indeed in the unrealized potential of our ties. And a shorter one in Singapore brought out the importance of adjusting to global happenings…Download the full book from the below link.





The India Way Pdf Download




The India Way Pdf




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The India Way Pdf in English Download




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