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The Girl Of My Dreams Novel PDF in English




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Not for the first time, an argument had broken out in a coffee shop in South Extension, Delhi.
Daman leaned back in his chair and shook his head in disappointment. Their coffees had turned cold.




There were only a few people around, and most of them were languorous with sleep. The grumbling voices of Daman and Avni didn’t reach their ears while they waited for their takeaway cappuccino and latte.




‘Can’t you see my point?’ asked Avni.



‘There’s nothing to argue about. I am quitting. I need to concentrate on my writing,’ answered
Daman. He lit a cigarette and puffed on it hungrily.



‘But you—’



‘No, I can’t. It drives me crazy when I want to write and instead I’m staring at blueprints of a
power plant. I can’t do it anymore.’




Avni had the words and arguments ready before she agreed to meet today but they crumbled in
the wake of Daman’s all-consuming obsession with seeing his name on a novel. She had spent nights losing sleep over Daman’s maddening decision to leave a promising job to pursue a career in writing but now she sensed it was a lost battle.





She leaned forward and held Daman’s hand. ‘If that’s what you want to do, I will be with you,’ she said. ‘In happiness and in madness, I will be with you.’




A hint of a smile crept up on Daman’s face and he clasped Avni’s hand. ‘I knew you will come
around,’ he said. His eyes glimmered with hope and foolish dreams as he talked breathlessly thereon. ‘I will sign the contract in a couple of days. Jayanti Raghunath is going to be my editor.




She’s a bit of a bitch but she’s phenomenal, the best in the business. She’s the one behind all the bestselling books you see in the market.’




Avni nodded dutifully. She knew nothing of writers and writing till she met Daman eight months
ago and had fallen witlessly in love with him. Having grown up in a family of chartered
accountants and bankers and moneylenders, both money and keeping an account of money was
what her life centered on.




Sports, arts, and other creative pursuits were for the deranged, synonyms for gambling, signs of the weak, and the delusional. What were the odds of a writer succeeding? Or a painter becoming famous and appreciated? With numbers, you’re certain.





Her parents knew of Daman as a mechanical engineer from Delhi Technological University
working in Siemens Power and Engineering Limited as a design engineer, not as a wannabe writer
who had a book contract waiting for him. Even the words felt strange as she would roll them over
her tongue: ‘My boyfriend is a writer. Yes, that’s what he does full-time.





No, it’s not a hobby. That’s all he does. He writes stories for a living.’ The only writers with careers were journalists who wrote for newspapers, not novelists with foolhardy dreams of churning out bestsellers…..Download full book from below link





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The Girl of My Dreams English Novel
The Girl Of My Dreams Novel Pdf in English Free Download




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About The Book





‘You are named “Ananth” after the serpent Lord Vishnu rests on,’ Maa tells me like every time. And like every time I watch them here, I imagine an enormous serpent irritably stirred out of sleep, coiling and uncoiling around the earth, by the alarm-clock like hymns of my parents.
Papa puts a tika on my head, closes his eyes, and says, ‘May you be the best member the medical team at WeDonate has ever had.’‘Did you thank Mohini in your prayers? She’s why you got this job,’ saysMaa, thrusting prasad into my palms.‘She’s the only reason?’ I ask, faking anger.‘I . . .’I laugh. ‘I’m joking, Maa. Of course, I did.
Did you think I wouldn’t?’ When they leave the temple, Maa–Papa return to their natural, unintimidating selves, burdened with taxes and everyday struggles like potholes, spoilt milk, and molded bread. Papa pulls his trousers right up to his navel because that’s where he thinks they should rest.
Maa pulls the saree over her head because the sun’s too bright. They both accompany me to the bus stop, struggling to keep up with me with their short steps. At5’10”, I’m a giant to them; but they don’t forget to remind me how un-cuddle-able I’m now.‘You don’t need to come,’ I tell them.
They chide me, say I’m careless, that I will trip and come under the wheels of the bus. That shuts me up. There are other children with their parents at the bus stop too. None of them are over thirteen.
The chartered bus turns around the corner. Maa slams her hand on the side of the bus till it comes to a complete stop.‘I will call the police if you drive an inch before everyone boards,’ she uncharacteristically threatens the bus driver who had done nothing wrong.
She makes sure I’m the first to get on. If there’s one thing she hates more than bus and truck drivers, all of them murderers in Maa’s eyes, it was Papa’s scooter. It was the only topic they argued about. For ten years, Maa had asked Papa to stop driving the scooter and take a bus instead.
But he wouldn’t budge. He loved his two-stroke grey scooter. The day I turned eighteen and expressed the desire to drive it to college, Maa—who didn’t know how to drive a scooter—dragged it for miles and left it to rot under a flyover.
We didn’t find the scooter for years after that. She threatened to leave the house if either Papa or I even talked about it. Later when we needed the money, she led Papa to the scooter. It was hidden but clean and well-maintained.
She used to wash it twice every week. Maa–Papa still shares a good relationship with the ones they sold the scooter to.
They live two colonies away from us and Papa drives it sometimes on Sundays.‘Sit behind the driver,’ she shouts. ‘That’s the safest seat on the bus.’Papa adds, ‘Don’t throw away the ticket.’‘And don’t do tour tukur on your phone too much.
Concentrate or else you will miss your stop,’ says Maa. They wait at the bus stop till the bus drives away. A few children on the bus giggle as I take the seat Maa–Papa asked me to.
The middle-aged woman sitting there shifts to make space for me. As the bus turns around the corner, Maa calls me and starts to sob. She tells me it was just yesterday that it was my first day at school. ‘How awfully you cried and how heartlessly we pushed you inside the gates of the school! And look at you now, you’re happy to leave us behind,’ says Maa.

‘I will be back by 6 p.m.,’ I say.‘Go now, do your job,’ says Maa, angrily.‘Dream job, my foot,’ says Papa.‘Papa—’ The call’s cut.‘Parents, eh?’ says the woman sitting next to me. ‘I have a thirteen-year-old and he makes the same face you just did.’‘ I’m twenty-three. They need to learn to spend a little time without me,’ Isay.‘The first day?’ she asks. I nod.


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