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Tenali Raman Stories in English Pdf









Vivek and Naresh had reached Kunwar Kanhaiya Singh Higher Secondary School by eight o’clock. Both of them had a 7th-8th number in the Clerk’s office, and everyone’s form and mark sheet were deposited, along with that, taking two thousand rupees from each as a charge, a small slip with the Principal’s seal on it was distributed. was being done, which was the recognition that the student’s name had been written down.





He has got the right to study at this school. Both Vivek and Naresh were very happy that they did not face much trouble. Because they got admission very easily. Vivek came home and made all arrangements for copies and books for himself and Naresh, which was possible only through (Saroj-Seva Kendra)…There were other students who used to get help from (Saroj-Seva Kendra). Naresh and Vivek’s studies were going well.





Sarojseva Kendra – He had received the help of two cycles, and both of them were now able to go to school. Time keeps moving forward at its slow pace, it doesn’t care about anyone, but whoever cares about time, time keeps moving along with it.





All students try and work hard according to their ability in studies. Special activism of all the students had also increased ever since the information about the annual examination was received! Sudhir and Rajni were also busy in their preparation, everyone’s examination was done on time, Naresh and Vivek were students in 11th, Sudhir was in 9th but Rajni was in 10th. I used to study, its examination was to be done by the board. After the exam there was a one-month vacation, and all the students were enjoying the vacation, the time also came when the 10th result was to be declared.




Naresh was hopeful that Rajni would remain on the second number this time also, he reluctantly went to see Rajni’s result, the result had been published by the board in the newspapers, but Rajni’s roll number was nowhere in it! Then Naresh When I saw the list of students who got first place in the district, I was shocked, there was only one roll number, and that roll number was only of Rajni. Naresh could not believe his eyes, yet he went home after buying a newspaper.




Sudhir came first in his class with the highest marks. All the students in the school were asking each other how did Sudhir, who was always number two, come to number one leaving all the students behind? Then one student said, maybe this time he had specially prepared. Because next year he has to appear for the 10th class exam? This preparation will make him successful in the 10th class.




Naresh went straight to Vivek’s house with the newspaper and said – Brother Vivek! Look at Rajni’s exam results, this time Rajni has secured the first position in the entire district. When Vivek started looking at the newspaper happily, he did not see Rajni’s roll number anywhere, then Naresh said to Vivek – Look at the list of the first rank in the district! When Vivek saw the list of the first rank in the district, there was only one roll number that belonged to Rajni.





Sudhir had come to know of Rajni’s first place, he got up from his house and went to Rajni’s house – and went there and said – Didi – you have made a lotus – after listening to Sudhir’s words, Rajni said, what happened Sudhir? Sudhir Started saying – Today your exam result has come and you have secured first position in the whole district, there is no one around you, Vivek and Naresh Bhaiya are coming here with the newspaper, see for yourself.





Then both Vivek and Naresh came there and Rajni took the newspaper from him and started looking at her roll number. She was completely satisfied because her hard work had paid off. She started looking at Sudhir but Sudhir had gone.




Tenali Raman Stories in English Pdf Download





Tenali Raman Stories in English Pdf







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