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Swami Vivekananda Biography Pdf in English









Swami Vivekananda Biography Pdf





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The Datta family of Calcutta, into which Narendranath had been born, was well known for its affluence, philanthropy, scholarship, and independent spirit. The grandfather, Durgacharan, after the birth of his first son, had renounced the world in search of God.





The father, Viswanath, an attorney-at-law of the High Court of Calcutta, was versed in English and Persian literature and often entertained himself and his friends by reciting from the Bible and the poetry of Hafiz, both of which, he believed, contained truths unmatched by human thinking elsewhere.





He was particularly attracted to the Islamic culture, with which he was familiar because of his close contact with the educated Moslems of Northwestern India. Moreover, he derived a large income from his law practice and, unlike his father, thoroughly enjoyed the worldly life. An expert in cookery, he prepared rare dishes and liked to share them with his friends.





Travel was another of his hobbies. Though agnostic in religion and a mocker of social conventions, he possessed a large heart and often went out of his way to support idle relatives, some of whom were given to drunkenness.





Once, when Narendra protested against this lack of judgment, his father said: “How can you understand the great misery of human life? When you realize the depths of men’s suffering, you will sympathize with these unfortunate creatures who try to forget their sorrows, even though only for a short while, in the oblivion created by intoxicating drink.”





Naren’s father, however, kept a sharp eye on his children and would not tolerate the slightest deviation from good manners. Bhuvaneswari Devi, the mother, was cast in a different mould. Regal in appearance and gracious in conduct, she belonged to the old tradition of Hindu womanhood. Download the full book from the below link.





Swami Vivekananda Biography Pdf in English Download




Swami Vivekananda Biography Pdf in English




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