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Skanda Purana Pdf in English



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7. Kubera came there riding in his aerial chariot Puspaka, Wind-god riding on his deer. Fire-god riding on Kis goat and Nirrti riding on a ghost.



8. AH these came to the sacrificial enclosure of the Brahmana. All of them were received and honored by the evil-mind¬ ed Dak§a.



9. Great and divine abodes of great value and good splend¬ our were skilfully constructed by the noble-souled Tvastr.



10-13. (The visitors) occupied all those abodes according to their pleasure. When the great sacrifice commenced in the holy spot Kana- khala,^ the ascetics beginning with Bhrgu were appointed as Rtviks by him. Then Daksa underwent due initiation. The solemn, auspicious ceremony was duly performed. Benedictory rites were completed by the Brahmanas for the sake of Daksa accompanied by his wife.



Always surrounded by his friends, he shone remarkably, thanks to his greatness. In the meantime, Dadhichi spoke these words there: Dadhlchi^ said:



14. These leading Suras (gods), the great sages, and the Guardians of the Quarters have come to your (sacrifice). Still, the Yajna does not shine properly without (the presence of) the noble-souled Pinaka-bearing Lord.



15. Great learned men say that everything becomes auspi¬ curious and splendid through him. That primordialPuru§a (person), the bull-bannered, blue-throated lord with matted hair, is not seen here.




16. Presided over and authorized by him, O Daksa, even inauspicious things become auspicious. (Without) the Three-eyed Lord, very auspicious things become instantly bereft of their auspiciousness.




17-20, Hence he must be invited only by you immediately through Brahma, Vi^pu the powerful lord, and Sakra. All of them



1. Kanakhala —A village two miles to the east of Haridwar (U.P.), at the junction of Gahga and Niladh^rd.



2. Dadhici’s objection to the non-invitation of Siva and his quitting of the sacrifice {infra vv. 31-33) with the prediction (curse) about the non-comple¬ notion of the sacrifice is found also in Mbh,




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