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The days were long. Long as they had never been. The air was still in the room. Nothing moved. It had been three days since I had locked myself in. It had been three days since I had broken up with Avantika.





I read a page from my old diary, from three years back, where I used to recount every important day of my life, and the first time I met Avantika was one of them.




There were other people in that incident, who were no longer in my life, but Avantika
was and she always will be.


I guess …


September 2007


Today was a day when I spent most of my time with my eyes and mouth wide open. Avantika had just landed and my best friend wanted me to meet her.



I was told that Avantika had been in rehab for her drugs and alcohol problem but that was more than a year back. I had already started imagining Avantika as a leather-jacketed gothic chick with metal piercings and black nail paint.



And then, there she was …



That could have been the last thing I remembered from today had I had a weak heart. I had passed
out for a few seconds for sure. My heart skipped a beat or maybe it just stopped beating altogether.




I was choking. My stomach churned. I felt the blood rush down to the ends of my arteries and then
burst out. I could feel my brain imploding. I was going to die and I was sure.




She is breathtakingly beautiful! She is a dream. Even better, you could not even dream of
something so perfect. Plastic surgeons still cannot rival God, I thought.



She is so hard to describe. Those limpid, constantly wet black eyes and melancholic face screamed
for love. The moonlight that reflected off her perfectly sculpted cheekbones seemed the only light
illuminating the surroundings.




Somebody stood with a blower nearby to get her long, black hair to cover her face so that she could look sexier flicking it away from her eyes. She has the big eyes of a month-old child—big and screaming for attention—a perfectly drafted nose, flawless bright pink lips, and a smooth, pale complexion that would put Photoshop to shame.




Oh hell, she is way out of my league. She was a goddamn goddess or she was the devil. She could not possibly be human.




I just could not look beyond her face. I was not seeing right, I was not hearing right. I was just lost in the reflecting pools in those beautiful eyes. My heart pounded so hard it felt like it would pop out of my chest at any moment.





She asked me how I was doing; her voice was music to my ears. Drugs? Alcohol? Leather? She would not even know all that. I did see the remnants of a piercing just above her left eyebrow, and sure enough, a tattoo peeked out from under her sleeve: a red swastika sign.





I told myself it was just a dream and I didn’t just see the prettiest girl ever. I managed to answer her in what seemed like my fourth attempt at speaking after the first three ended in some soundless flapping of my tongue. It was a strange feeling—I was nervous, shit nervous.
I felt small. I felt ugly. I felt insignificant. I looked at her and smiled stupidly…Download the full book from the below link.




She Broke up I didn’t PDF download




She Broke up I didn't Pdf



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She Broke up I didn’t Pdf Free Download




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