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Ruskin Bond was born to a British couple on 19 May 1934 at a place called Kasauli in Punjab. Ruskin Bond’s father’s name was Ambre Bond and his mother’s name was Edith Clarke. Ruskin Bond’s father Aubrey Bond served in the Royal Air Force from 1939 to 1944.





At the young age of Ruskin Bond, the path of his parents was separated. Edith Clarke, the mother of Ruskin Bond, had chosen a Punjabi man to support her in life. Ruskin Bond was very close to his father. Ruskin’s father died of jaundice when Ruskin was only 10 years old.






Ruskin Bond’s childhood was spent in many difficulties, the reason for this was that the path of life of Bond’s parents was separated and there was a disturbance in Ruskin’s upbringing. Ruskin Bond needed a quiet and secluded place to read and write. He composed one of his short stories only at the age of 16. Ruskin Bond was educated at the Bishop Cotton School in Shimla.





After completing high school, Bond moved to London, United Kingdom (UK) in search of a better future. Ruskin Bond had a great interest in reading. In particular, the writings of T. T. Lawrence, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brotte and Rudyard had a great influence on Ruskin Bond. Very soon Ruskin Bond’s interest turned towards the art of writing.





He wrote his first short story ‘Achhoot’ in 1951 at the age of 16. Ruskin Bond won the Irwin Divinity Award, the Hailey Literature Prize as well as the school’s Kakai writing competition. Ruskin Bond gave shape to his first novel ‘On the Room, on the Roof’ while living in London. In 1957 the novel won the RHYS PRIZE. The award is given to a British Commonwealth writer under the age of 30.




Ruskin Bond’s personal life is very lonely and the work of writing books is the companion of his loneliness. Ruskin Bond is living in Mussoorie with his adopted family. Ruskin Bond was engaged in searching for a publisher to publish his writing art, who could give proper respect to his writing art. In this connection, he had to work for some intervals in a photo studio.





When Ruskin Bond earned money from his writing art, he left London and returned to India, then made his home in the beautiful place of Dehradun. He loved India very much. In a few years, he did independent writing work and created compositions for newspapers and magazines, which mainly consisted of short stories and poems.





While migrating to Mussoorie, Ruskin Bond continued to pursue his writing skills in 1963. In 1980 Ruskin Bond’s novel titled ‘The Blue Umbrella’ was published which was one of his popular novels. Ruskin Bond’s popularity had increased in the writing world. Essays, articles, and many letters written by him used to be published adding to the glory of the magazines.





In which mainly The Pioneer, Leader, The Tribune, and The Telegraph are named. Ruskin Bond also edited a magazine for four years. Seeing the popularity of Ruskin Bond’s creative writing skills, Penguin Books focused on him. In the 1980s, the publishers of Penguin Books approached Ruskin Bond with a request to write some books.





Ruskin Bond approved of his earlier novels On the Room, On the Roof which was published in one volume by Penguin India in 1993 as its sequel In Vagantas in Valley. The Golden Path of Ruskin Bond’s writing continued for more than five decades, in which Bond used a variety of language styles. It includes autobiographical, fiction, essay, romance, nonfiction, and children’s books.





Ruskin Bond’s works include more than 500 short stories, essays, and novels, more than 50 books for children’s use and two autobiographies (TWO VOLUMES OF AUTOBIOGRAPHY), and a writer’s life scenes (SCENES FROM A WRITERS LIFE) and The Lamp is the Lit ( THE LAMP IS THE LIST). Some of Ruskin Bond’s writings have been adapted for television and film production.





In 2007, film director Vishal Bhardwaj produced a film based on Ruskin Bond’s work The Blue Umbrella for children. This children’s film won the Best Children’s Film Award. The film 7 Khoon Maaf has been produced based on Ruskin Bond’s short story ‘Susanna’s Seven Husbands’. Ruskin Bond’s novel ‘The Blue Umbrella’ is one of his famous works which depicts the story of a little girl.





Himachal, who lives in a village, tries to convert an old leopard’s claw necklace into a beautiful dull blue umbrella. The story is simple and heartwarming which has been adapted into a film by Vishal Bhardwaj and illustrated into comics by Amar Chitrakatha Publications. Junoon is a 1978 Hindi film based on Ruskin Bond’s historical novel A Flight of Pigeons. Ruskin Bond is a person rich in writing talent, he has created very beautiful and unique creations.





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