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Like The Famous Drow Drizzt Do’Urden, many people who come to Ten-Towns are outcasts, fugitives, or pariahs in search of a place where they can be tolerated, if not accepted. Some came here determined to make their fortunes.




Others come for the solitude, or to escape notice and stay out of the reach of the law of the southern cities. Today, four hundred years after the formation of Ten-Towns, most folk are here because they were born here, grew up here, and expect to die here.




They’re fishers, loggers, miners, hunters, trappers, fur­riers, and traders accustomed to the harsh climate, the slow pace, and the isolation. Like the hardy lichens and determined reindeer of the tundra, residents endure and do what’s needed to survive.




Icewind Dale has few trees, so lumber is cut from the slopes of the Spine of the World or the depths of the Lonelywood Forest. Stone from the hills and valleys sur­rounding Kelvin’s Cairn supplements wood as a build­ing material in Ten-Towns.




Homes have sharply pitched roofs to prevent snow from accumulating on them. The people of Ten-Towns wear layers of woolen cloth­ing often topped off with fur cloaks. Under these heavy clothes and cloaks, one resident looks very much the same as another. Download The Full Book From The Below Link.




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