Rigveda in English Pdf Download

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Rigveda in English Pdf Download







9 Indra who Niles with single sway men, riches, and the fivefold
* race
Of those who dwell upon the earth.
10 For your sake from each side we call Indra away from other
Ours, and nope others 7, may he be.
Indra, brings wealth that gives delight, the victor’s ever-con¬ acquiring wealth,
Most excellent, to be our aid ;
2 By means of which we may repel our foes in battle hand to
By thee assisted with the car.
3 Aided by thee, the thunder-armed, Indra, may we lift up the
And conquer all our foes in the fight.
4 With thee, 0 Indra, for ally with missile-darting heroes, may
We conquer our embattled foes.
5 Mighty is Indra, yea supreme; greatness be his, the Thunderer:
Wide as the heaven extends his power;
6 Which aideth those to win them sons, who come as heroes to
the fight,
Or singers loving holy thoughts.
7 His belly, drinking the deepest draughts of Soma, like an ocean
Like wide streams from the cope of heaven.
8 So also is his excellence, great, vigorous, rich in cattle, like
A ripe branch to the worshipper,
9 For verily thy mighty powers, Indra, are saving help at
Unto a worshipper like me.




Rigveda in English Pdf Download




Rigveda in English Pdf Download
Rigveda in English Pdf Download



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