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Time was passing, and Vivek and Naresh reached class X while studying. Sudhir had also passed fifth and reached sixth grade. Naresh’s sister was still studying in fifth standard, she was more interested in her ancestral business, but any business requires skill as well as education, and due to the development of old age one can do whatever one wants. Work style can be developed, if a favorite work style is formed along with studies then it becomes icing on the cake.





The middle class is not able to fulfill its dreams in both the country and the city, there is only a rare person who is successful in fulfilling his dream. Rajni shied away from studies but enjoyed making clay toys with her father.





Utensils and toys made by him were sold at good prices in the market. Rajni used to steal her life from her studies, but whatever she studied, she used to study with great interest and her result was also 100%.






Sudhir used to come and go to Naresh’s house and was very mixed with Rajni. He used to call Rajni Didi and learn the art of making utensils and toys from her, Rajni taught Sudhir the art of making toys with great confidence.





Sudhir, who used to teach, tells Rajni – Sister, I will grow up to set up a toy-making company, by which we will become rich and I will make you the owner of that company, in which two to three hundred people will work. Rajni said, but where will you stay in that company? Sudhir said I will handle that company.






Rajni again said that means you will be the manager of this company, yes, I will be the manager of that company. Sudhir jumped with joy as soon as he said this, due to which the clay horse he was holding in his hand fell down and broke both his legs.





Sudhir became sad, then Rajni brought another horse for him, but Sudhir was thinking something after seeing that broken horse, Rajni asked what happened to Sudhir.





There is something, you are not telling, you are our younger brother. I understand your monkey trick. well, you tell me what I’m thinking Rajni said – You are thinking that this broken horse should be made again in such a way that it gets full value and the buyer also does not suffer any loss. Why is it not so?





Sudhir said, yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking, but how to know? I have been watching all this since birth and you also come here for so many years. Can’t a sister understand her brother’s mind? it is? In the midst of all this, Rajni joined the two legs of the horse so neatly that they had returned to their former position in appearance and strength.






Sudhir was engrossed in the future, then Rajni said, Sudhir, this horse of yours can run again. Sudhir took the horse in his hand and looked at it, there was nothing wrong with it, only it had to be painted.





Sudhir said, Didi, now you will be both the manager and the mistress. Rajni said, then the matter got stuck here what would you do by going to that company? When Sudhir got thinking, Rajni said – You will become a manager because you are equally worried about profit and loss?






There Rajeev and both Malti were doing their work while listening to these children, they said together, make company later, see the time first! It’s time for you guys to go to school. Rajni and Sudhir quickly went to get ready.







6 Pratap Bharti had come from Bangalore to his village, the name of his village was Gangapur. Gangapur should have been neat and clean in every way, but the way all the people left no stone unturned to contaminate or dirty the life-giving Ganga with their tireless efforts, so was the condition of Pratap Bharti’s village. , Along with the stray boys of the village, elders and thinkers also had a lot of contribution in contaminating and making Gangapur dirty.





A sufficient number of such people are present everywhere in the village, hoop, or city, and the clean image of the officers cannot run in front of such people.






Such people keep cursing the government and always try tirelessly to destroy the heritage of their village and keep on believing that change is happening.






But still, there are people in this world who keep trying to make changes while saving their heritage. Pratap Bharti was also one of them. Pratap Bharti went to meet his friend Raghuraj Sonkar in Vindki village the next day. Raghuraj Sonkar was preparing to go to the market for livelihood




Panchatantra stories in English Pdf Download




101 + Panchatantra stories in English Pdf




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