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A Premenopausal 49-year-old woman asks her physician about her risk for osteoporosis. her mother had osteoporosis and disabling bone fractures after menopause. the patient works as a gardener for a landscape service and plays tennis 3 times a week she does not smoke, drinks 1 glass of wine a week, and takes no medications.




her weight is 55kg (121 lb) which of the following additional information is needed to evaluate her risk for osteoporosis? A 26-year-old woman comes to the physician of pain and stiffness of the fingers of both hands for 3 months.




physical examination shows swelling and redness of the proximal interphalangeal joints of the affected fingers X-rays of both hands show joint space narrowing and marginal erosions of the proximal interphalangeal joints, the distal interphalangeal joints are spared.




If a biopsy specimen of tissue from the affected joints were taken, it would most likely show which of the following?




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