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Motherboard Parts And Functions Pdf










Motherboard Parts And Functions Pdf





 AT(Advanced Technology):

o AT is introduced by IBM in 1984.

o Two sets of 6-pin inline connectors:

o CPU is positioned in line with one or more ISA between slots.

o I/O ports (LPT, PS2, USB) are spread out on the board.
 Baby AT:

o 1987, size 12” to 8.5”

o The smaller version of the original AT motherboard.

o The I/O ports were cabled to connectors on the back of the

o Socket 7 was used.

 ATX (Advanced Technology Extended):

o It is Introduced in the year 1995, size 12”wideX13.8” deep.

o Ex: Intel 850GB ATX

o All I/O is connected to a single I/O panel located rear of the motherboard.

o It has a 20,24 pin power connector.

o CPU is connected away from all expansion bus slots.

o ATX uses (socket 7, 360, 432, slot 1, slot 2, slot A) CPU.

 Micro ATX:

o It is Slim & small in structure.

o Dimension is 9.6 by 9.6 inches or 7 by 7 inches.

o It is used in digital cable boxes&HD recorders.

 Extended ATX:

o It is Used in Work station-level motherboard specification.

o It has 12 by 13 inches.

 NLX(New Low profile Extended):

o It is introduced in 1997, 9” wide X 13.6 deep.

o All expansion slots, power cables & PCI are located on edge mounted riser card.

o This allows easy removal of the motherboard.

o AT & ATX is time-consuming to upgrade & replace.

o To overcome the replaceable motherboard.

 BTX( Balanced Technology Extended):

o North Bridge & south bridge are located near each other and the hardware they control lines CPU, RAM, and expansion ports. CHIPSET TYPES

 Northbridge:

o One chip responsible to interface CPU, main memory, and AGP.

o The path between CPU & RAM is referred to as FSB.

o North Bridge play important role in overclocking.

o It supports:

o P II, p III, Athlon, Duran, Celeron.

o Multiprocessing.

o Processor speed 250 MHZ, 800 MHZ, and 1.5 GHZ.

 Southbridge:

It handles peripherals controller & I/O controller & Integrate controller.

1. It supports:

2. ISA bus, serial ports (Rs232).

3. Parallel (IEEE 1284 port).

4. Hard drive controller.

5. Power management features.

6. Keyboard controller




Motherboard Parts And Functions Pdf Download




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Motherboard Parts And Functions Pdf




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