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About This Book


The demons and the devils both foresee their own versions of the future of the multiverse- a cosmos in which one side or the other triumphs in the Blood War and rules for the rest of eternity. A third point of view exists, held by those who take both sides at their word and strive to make sure that neither outcome ever comes to pass.




The adherents of this viewpoint refer to the concept they espouse as the Balance, and they seek to maintain equilibrium across the cosmos above all. Mordenkainen and his compatriots are among its most notable devotees.




Since a true appreciation of the Balance and its implications requires a grasp of events on a cosmic level, very few people or entities fully embrace the idea. Those few, however, make up a formidable force that can mix martial and magical power to keep the extremists of the Blood War in check.




To an outside observer, a disciple of the Balance might act cruelly or heartlessly one day, and benevolent and caring the next. A follower might aid in consigning one city to domination by a devil cult while driving demonic cultists from another.



For the sake of the Balance, the cosmos must remain in a static state where neither de-mon nor devil can permanently gain the upper hand. Keepers of the Balance sometimes resort to strategies that seem inexplicable to those who don’t grasp the whole situation.




A crusading paladin might be discouraged from seeking out and defeating Demogorgon , because doing so could weaken the Abyss enough to allow the forces of the Nine Hells to gain a firm foothold there.




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