Modern Economic Theory by kk Dewett Pdf Download

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Modern Economic Theory by kk Dewett Pdf








Modern Economic Theory by kk Dewett Pdf




This book is meant to be a companion volume to Indiai !?.co’nomics published last year. It aims primarily at supplying tin • needs of students appearing in the B. A. and B. A. Honours examine lions of Indian Universities. But the book can also be studied with benefit by those preparing for higher examinations since it covers the whole field of economic theory and not merely a particular




The distinctive features of the work are It presents an economic theory in a simple and straightforward manner with, as far as possible illustrations from Indian cf editions. ‘\\Tiile the older division of the subject into ‘ Departments ’ has been retained for the convenience of students, nothing of importance is left out which goes by the name of ‘ New Economics The latest contributions to the theory have been incorporated, not in the form of isolated concepts, but have bee made organic parts of the general treatment.





The logical cont nudity of the treatment is maintained between chapters and sections to facilitate assimilation. As far as possible original authorities ha\ been approached and references to works of outstanding importance are given for the guidance of those who want to pursue higher studies- in this domain.




We have attempted to supply a long-felt need. How far have we succeeded? We leave the answer to the judgment of the student and teachers of, the subject.




Chapter I. Preliminary



1. The Problem of Definition, i. 2. Traditional View, 1,
3. Recent View, 2. 4. The Rationale of Economic Activity
2. 5. Opportunity Co^t, 2. 6. Economic Decisions, 3. 7.
Concluding Remarks on the Problem of Definition, 3. 8.
Criticism of the New View, 4. g. Is Economics a Science? 4. to. Is Economics .dso an Art? 6. 1 1? Scope of Economics 6.
12. Methods of Economic Science, 8. 13. Laws of Economics, 9. 14. Relation of Economics to Other Sciences, ii
15. Utility of the Study of Economics, la. 16. Present Economic Order,’ 13. 17. Capitalist Economy, 14, 18.
Socialism, 17. 19. Fascism or State-controlled Capitalism, 17. 20. Divisions of Economic Study, 17.
Chapter II. Goods, Wealth, and Value

I. Introduction, 19. 2. Goods and their Classifications, 19.
3. Utility, 20. 4. Value, 22. 5. Wealth, 23. 6. Wealth Classified, 25. 7- Capital Wealth and Income Wealth, 26.
8. Wealth and Welfare, 26.
‘Chapter III. Consumption
I, What is Consumption? 29. 2. Importance of Con-
Sumption, 29. 3. Wants, Needs, Desires, and Demand, 30.


4. Characteristics of Wants, 31. 5. Necessaries, Comforts, and Luxuries, 33. 6. Standard of Living, 34. 7. Engel’s
Law of Consumption, 35. 8. Can we Measure Utility? 35.
g. The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, 36. 10.
Diagrammatic Representation, 37. ii. Assumptions and Limitations of the Law of Diminishing Utility, 38. ii. Marginal Utility, 41. 12. Marginal Utility and Price, 42.
13. Matgmal UdUty and Supply, 42. 14. Marginal Utility
of Money, 43. 15. Practical Importance of Marginal
Utility, 43. 16. Utility of Substitutes and Comple-menus…Download the full book from the below link.





Modern Economic Theory by kk Dewett Pdf Download





Modern Economic Theory by kk Dewett Pdf








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