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Mandukya Upanishad Pdf










Mandukya Upanishad Pdf





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The main difference between the Advaita and other systems of thought is that the former does not find any reason for believing in the reality of the process of becoming whereas the latter pins its faith to evolution. creation or manifestation as real.




Some Advaitic philosophers in order to explain the fact of the mani- Fested manifold (which is perceived) adopt their theory of Vivarta according to which Brahman appears as the world without forfeiting its essential nature. It is like the rope appearing as the snake.





Other schools of thought give other explanations of the process of becoming- ing and not one of these explanations can be supported by reason. Gaudapada by an irrefutable logic disproves- the reality of causation in the fourth chapter of Karika, and posits the Ajatavada according to which Brahman or Reality has never become the universe.





No one can ever prove the apparent mystery of one becoming many, for, the many do never really exist. Neither Gaudapada nor Sankara ignores those who believe in the reality of the external objects or of the manifested manifold on account of their perceiving those objects through the instrumentality of the sense organs or their attachment to the particular avocations of life (IV. 42).




They are generous enough to say that any defect that may attach to the belief in the reality of the external objects is not at all serious. If these realists will only pursue truth they will see that to the non-dual Atman causality or duality can never be applied (IV. 42). Download the full book from the below link.





Mandukya Upanishad Pdf Download





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Mandukya Upanishad Pdf




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