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Kamaladas wrote Lakhan’s work in English and Malayalam. Despite going through many conflicts in his life, Kamal Das continued writing poems, stories, and novels and created an autobiography for almost three decades. India’s famous writer Kamaladas was born on 31 March 1934 in Thrissur district of the Indian state of Kerala to VM Nair and famous Malayalam poet Nalapat Balamani Amma.





Kamaldas’s mother Balamani Amma had a deep influence on his life and Kamaldas’s elder father Nalapat Narayan Menon, who mainly worked as a writer, also had a great influence on Kamaldas. Kamaladas belonged to the Brahmin community of Kerala and Hindu religion, but later he accepted the Muslim religion, Islam.





Kamaldas was married at the age of 15 to Madhavdas, who was a bank employee. Kamaldas’s family members included her husband Madhavdas and her three sons whose names were Madhavdas Nalapat, Chinnendas, and Jayasuriyadas. Kamaladas’s father’s name was VM Nair and his mother’s name was Balamani Amma. Kamaladas’s husband Madhavdas died in 1992 after 43 years of marriage.





Kamaldas has written many short stories as well as many poems in English. Kamaldas has written his autobiography named ‘My Story’ which mentions the subject and life of his marriage and childhood.





Kamaldas had mentioned that poetry writing could not be sold in India, but Kamaldas’s Vevak Kalam used to mention every issue related to women, from child-rearing to politics, which were very popular.





Kamaldas’s first poetry book was written in English, whose name was ‘Summer in Calcutta’. Kamaldas mainly mentioned the pain arising out of love and betrayal. The writings of Kamaldas reflect an archaic and sterile aestheticism’s proposal for freedom of the body, a sacrifice for uncertainty. He has written more vocally for women in his second book of poetry ‘The Independent’.





At the age of 42, Kamaladas wrote his autobiography in Malayalam, which was later translated into English.




There is a glimpse of imaginary elements in the writings of Kamaldas. Kamaldas has also written on various subjects. An autobiographical poem titled ‘Ek Parichay’ written by Kamaldas gives a glimpse of his bold thoughts and bold style.





Kamaladas is believed to have expressed ideas about the Malabar town and its surrounding climate in a composition ‘A Warm Afternoon in Malabar’. The author likes the hot midday climate of Malabar which makes the author feel connected to the love of the jungle, the man of the jungle, and the idea of the jungle. Being away from her grandmother’s house in Malabar is no less than torture for the author who used to get unlimited love from her grandmother.





Kamaldas’s poetry pen shows intense passion for the use of acceptance with love. The main themes of Kamaldas’s poetry are based on freedom, love, and security. Kamaladas’ famous short stories and novels in the Malayalam language include Pakshiyude Manam (short story) written in 1964, Nepayasam (short story) written in 1991, Thanuppu (short story) written in 1968, Chandana Marangal (novel written) in 2005, Kadal Mayuram ( Short novel) written in 1996.





Kamaldas’s poetry composition Siren in 1964, Calcutta Mein Samar in 1965, Descendant in 1967, The Stranger Time to Night in 1977, This Seven Writes in 1997 (which included Pritish Nandy along with Kamaldas), Collected Poems in 1984, Anna Malai Poems in 1985, Only the Soul Knows How to Sing in 1997, My Mother at Sixty-Six in 1997 and Ya Allah in 2001.





Kamal Das was not active in politics but he formed a political party named Lok Seva Party. With the aim of promoting secularism, Kamal Das had established the ‘Lok Seva Party’ in which the aim was to provide assistance to orphans and mothers as well as to promote secularism. Kamal Das had contested the Parliament elections in 1984 through the Lok Seva Party but was not successful.





Kamaladas belonged to the Nair (Nalapattu) community of South India. Despite belonging to the Nair community, he converted to the Muslim religion ‘Islam’ on 11 December 1999 at the age of 65. Kamaldas had a relationship with Sadiq Ali, an Islamic professor younger than him, who inspired Kamaldas to convert to Islam at the age of 65.





Finally, Kamaldas converted to Islam and became Kamala Suraiya. Kamal Das’ conversion to religion was controversial in the literary world but this comment by Kamal Das put an end to all the talks that he liked to live under the screen seat. After the death of her husband, Kamaldas accepted Muslim religion.




Noted writer Kamal Das died at the age of 75 on 31 May 2009 in a hospital in Pune after a long battle with pneumonia. Kamaladas’s mortal remains were brought to his home state where he was buried with full priestly honors at the ‘Palayam Juma Masjid’ in Thiruvananthapuram.





Kamala Das Biography Pdf Download





Full Name Kamala Das
Other NameKamala Surayya
Husband Madhav Das
Date of birth31 March 1943
Date of Death 31 May 2009




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