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Gopabandhu Das was a freedom fighter in India. Along with writing poetry, he also did the work of journalism and literary service. Gopabandhu Das is recognized as an eminent social worker of Odisha. Gopabandhu’s name is the first thing that comes to mind when the freedom struggle is mentioned anywhere in Odisha.





Gopabandhu Das is popularly known as ‘Utkala Mani’ and ‘Daridra Sakha’ among the masses of Orissa. Gopabandhu Das founded the daily newspaper ‘Samaj’ in Orissa. He worked tirelessly to make Orissa a full-fledged state by uniting many parts of the Utkal region.





Gopabandhu Das was born on 9 October 1877 in a poor Brahmin family to Daitari Das and Swarnamayi Devi in a village called Suando near Sakshi Gopal in the Puri district of Orissa state. National feeling was prevalent within Gopabandhu Das since childhood.





Gopabandhu Das was educated in Puri, Cuttack, and Calcutta in Orissa. Gopabandhu Das obtained his law degree from Calcutta University in 1906.





After completing his education, Gopabandhu started advocating for earning a living. He contributed to national works and social service till the last days of his life. Gopabandhu Das was associated with the organization ‘Utkal Sammilani’ since his student life.






The basic objective of the Utkal Sammilani Sanstha was to organize the Orissa-speaking land into a single state. Gopabandhu Das had made the organization ‘Utkal Sammilani’ the vanguard for an important purpose in the freedom struggle. Gopabandhu Das merged the ‘Utkal Sammilani organization with Congress at that time.






With the freedom struggle, Gopabandhu Das played a leading role in spreading national consciousness in Orissa. He is called the pioneer of national consciousness in Odisha. Gopabandhu Das had to travel to jail several times in the freedom struggle.





The theory of the ‘Corrupt Province’ of Gopabandhu Das was approved by Congress in the ‘Nagpur session’. Gopabandhu Das was a leader in the Non-Cooperation Movement in Orissa in 1921 and became the best symbol of nationalism in Orissa.





He was also sentenced to two years in jail. During the freedom struggle, when the freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai established the ‘Servant of the Pupil Society’, Gopabandhu Das joined the members of the ‘Servant of the Pupil Society’. To spread education in society, Gopabandhu Das established a high school in 1909 in an institution named Sakshi Gopal, where there was a system of imparting education like Shanti Niketan, this was a new experiment.





The symptoms of literary creation were reflected in Gopabandhu Das in his childhood itself. Gopabandhu Das used to write beautiful poetry while studying in school.





The beginning of the art of writing poetry in simple language style and touching spirit started with Gopabandhu Das in Orissa. He is called Shrasta of a new era in Oriya literature and which is addressed by the name of the ‘Truthful’ era, in which simplicity, as well as nationalism, is present.





Each book is like a bright gem in the creation of ‘Avakash Chinta, Bandir Atmakatha, and Dharmapada’ created by Gopabandhu Das. Every Utkal (Oriya) resident gets filled with the feeling of nationalism while reading the composition and language style of Bandir’s autobiography. Oriya (Utkal) people feel special pride while reading the mention of Konark temple in Dharmavad. All these books are certainly short in sight, but their impact is undoubtedly more influential and greater than many large poetic compositions.





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