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Dragon of Icespire peak pdf









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The caves of Gnomengarde are carved into the base of a mountain southeast of Phandalin, around a narrow waterfall. The rock gnome wizards who occupy these caves form strategic alliances with their human and dwarf neighbors as needs warrant.





Reclusive and secretive, the gnomes craft minor magic items and useful, nonmagical inventions to pass the time. In these endeavors, their failures outnumber their successes. They seldom stray far from home, subsisting largely on the mushrooms that grow on misty islands outside their caves.




Gnomengarde has two married kings who rule in tandem—Gnerkli and Korboz. Korboz recently lost his mind and is keeping Gnerkli as his prisoner. Their subjects don’t understand the nature of Korboz’s affliction, and are at a loss as to what to do.





They wish no harm to befall either king, but they acknowledge that Korboz has become a danger to himself and others. In addition to the danger posed by the troubled king, two gnomes have mysteriously vanished within the last ten-day.




No one except King Korboz knows that a shapechanging monster (a mimic) has crept into
Gnomengarde is feeding on the gnomes, changing their appearance as it makes their way through the complex. Korboz was attacked and almost killed by the creature, with that event inspiring his madness.





He has sequestered himself and his beloved Gnerkli in their quarters because he doesn’t want the monstrous shapechanger to devour them. Korboz hopes the creature will tire of eating gnomes and leave. Download The Full Book From The Below Link.





Dragon of Icespire peak pdf Download





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