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Adam Grant produces at an elite level. When I met Grant in 2013, he was the youngest professor to be awarded tenure at the Wharton School of Business at Penn.
A year later, when I started writing this chapter (and was just beginning to think about my own tenure process), the claim was updated: He’s now the youngest full professor* at Wharton.
The reason Grant advanced so quickly in his corner of academia is simple: He produces. In 2012, Grant published seven articles—all of them in major journals.
This is an absurdly high rate for his field (in which professors tend to work alone or in small professional collaborations and do not have large teams of students and postdocs to support their research).
In 2013, this count fell to five. This is still absurdly high, but below his recent standards. He can be excused for this dip, however, because this same year he published a book titled Give and Take, which popularized some of his research on relationships in business.

To say that this book is successful is an understatement. It ended up featured on the cover of the New YorkTimes Magazine and went on to become a massive bestseller. When Grant was awarded a full professorship in 2014, he had already written more than sixty peer-reviewed publications in addition to his bestselling book.

Deep Work Book Pdf in English Free Download




Pdf Book Name deep work pdf
Author Cal Newport 
No. of Pages 190
PDF Size 1.55 MB
Language  English
Category Book





Deep Work Book Pdf



deep work book pdf



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