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They start walking towards him. One waves a bottle; the light strikes oily yellow tequila sloshing to and fro. “Yo, Silver-rocker!” he says. The smaller one, with the face scarred in African tribal tattoos. “Join us! Share some! Fair price for a good gig, eh?”




The distance is closing, Johnny steers Alt, his girlfriend, to his bad side. The one without the Hand. “Hey, Icebrothers,” he says, noting the gang’s colors and speaking in a temporizing tone. “Your offer’s solid, but it’s been a long gig.




I’m nearly flatlined as it is. How ’bout a replay, next night?” By that time, they’re almost on him. He lets the 9mm Federated Arms X-9 drop from the spring holster, settling into the Hand. Probably nothing, he thinks.” Yeah.




Replay next night,” the big one says enthusiastically, and that’s when they hit him. This fast, they’re a blur. The X-9 booms in the close confines of the alley; whines as spent rounds ricochet off into nowhere.




There is a metallic “snick” as the smaller punk brings up his arm—light reflects off the fistful of razors that pretends to be a hand; then an excruciating impact lifts Johnny off the ground. Blood sprays over wet concrete. Download The Full Book From The Below Link.




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