Best Class 11 Physical Education Book Pdf 2022-23

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Class 11 Physical Education Book Pdf 2022 – 23









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About The Book ( class 11 physical education book pdf All chapters)





The Textbook of Physical Education has a goal-oriented, activity-based, and investigative approach. Learning Outcomes are laid out before each chapter listing the desired goals the learner must imbibe in each lesson. Learning Outcomes are assessment standards indicating the expected levels of learning that children should achieve for that Lesson.
These outcomes can be used as checkpoints to assess learning and would help teachers to understand the learning levels of children in their respective classes individually as well as collectively.
Class 11 Physical Education Book Pdf Download
Class 11 Physical Education Book Pdf Download
Holistic Learning refers not only to the all-around development of the learner but also to a cross-curricular approach. It also means learning must be related to life.
The Discussion section that precedes each chapter encourages the learner to examine existing knowledge and to relate what he is learning to his/her life. The learning thereby becomes more meaningful to the child. Physical education engages and energizes students. It provides authentic contexts in which to learn.
Given the multidisciplinary nature of this subject, cross-references have also been integrated into the curriculum. There is a chapter on Anatomy and Physiology and on Psychology. Students challenge themselves to develop their physical and interpersonal skills. The approach towards learning is Experiential or learning through experience.
This is distinct from rote or didactic learning, in which the learner plays a comparatively passive role. Experiential learning entails a hands-on approach to learning that moves away from just the teacher at the front of the room imparting and transferring their knowledge to students.
It makes learning an experience that moves beyond the classroom and strives to bring a more involved way of learning. Extension Activities are an integral part of the Book and students learn as they research, conduct surveys, debate, discuss, write and draw cartoons, and design posters.
They experience movement and understand the role that it plays in their lives. Additional information has been given in a box in the Do You Know Section which provides some input, thereby encouraging students to research and acquire additional information.

The Art Integration Section suggests certain activities that will entice the students to construct knowledge, and explore novel ways of expressing their learning thereby developing their understanding and problem-solving abilities. The Extension Activities and Activities in the Art Integration Section are suggestions. They could be modified or adapted to suit classroom situations and needs.


Class 11 Physical Education book Pdf Download




Physical Education Class 11 Book Pdf Download

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Class 11 Physical Education Book Pdf 2022-23 Download





Chapter 1: Changing Trends And Career In Physical EducationDownload
Chapter 2: Physical Fitness, Wellness, And LifestyleDownload
Chapter 3: Olympic MovementDownload
Chapter 4: YogaDownload
Chapter 5: DopingDownload
Chapter 6: Physical Activity EnvironmentDownload
Chapter 7: Test And Measurement In SportsDownload
Chapter 8: Fundamentals Of Anatomy And PhysiologyDownload
Chapter 9: Biomechanics And SportsDownload
Chapter 10: Psychology And SportsDownload
Chapter 11: Training In SportsDownload



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However, competitive games for people with special needs were widely introduced only after World War II. The purpose was to assist a large number of war veterans and those soldiers who had been injured during wartime. In 1948, on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the London Olympic games, Gutt Mann conducted wheelchair competitions first time in history, which he named “Stoke Mandeville Games”, in which he involved sixteen injured service persons in the archery event.
The first summer Paralympic Games were conducted from 18 to 25 September 1960, in Rome, after the completion of the 1960 Rome Olympics, using the same venues.
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In 2016, Paralympics 4342 athletes of 159 countries took part in 528 events across 22 sports. The first Winter Paralympic Games was organized in 1976 in Omnskoldsvik, Sweden and after that, the games have successfully were conducted the same year as Summer Olympics. In 2018, at the Pyeong Chang Winter Paralympics 569 athletes of 49 countries took part in 80 events in six sports.




class 11 physical education book pdf ncert
ncert class 11 physical education book pdf





Best Class 11 Physical Education Book All Chapter



1- Chapter 1: Changing Trends And Career In Physical Education

2- Chapter 2: Physical Fitness, Wellness, And Lifestyle

3- Chapter 3: Olympic Movement

4- Chapter 4: Yoga

5- Chapter 5: Doping

6- Chapter 6: Physical Activity Environment

7- Chapter 7: Test And Measurement In Sports

8- Chapter 8: Fundamentals Of Anatomy And Physiology

9- Chapter 9: Biomechanics And Sports

10- Chapter 10: Psychology And Sports

11- Chapter 11: Training In Sports




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