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Birsa Munda Movement pdf




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The folklore describes Birsa as the most endearingly remem- bered and lyrically recalled hero of the tribe. But folklore is not history. For instance, the widely narrated story of Mrs. H. C. Streatfeild, who accompanied her husband to Sail Rakab,





being moved to pity at the sight of a Manda child sucking its dead mother’s breast, the child being presented to Queen Victoria and later rising to an eminent position in British public life (as sir Samuel Hoare—one of the well-informed put it,





the choice fell on Sir Samuel as Hoare came nearest to the Munda’s word for man. foro!) is fiction. Yet the folklore reflects the popular image of the Ieader, his impact on his people, the exodus to Chatkad, later to Dombari which has eclipsed Sail Rakab, and the bloody aftermath.





Post-independence writings have linked Birsa and his movement with the Indian renaissance and the freedom movement and read non-violence and nationalism into it. There is no doubt that the movement led and organized by the Munda leader manifested the same spirit of religious reform,





social purification and cultural development as that which characterized the socioreligious movements in the nineteenth century which also fostered political consciousness and the growth of nationalism…..Download the full book from the below link.




Birsa Munda Movement pdf Download





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