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Aryabhatta Biography in English Pdf– Aryabhata was a great astronomer and mathematician of ancient India. Aryabhatta, with his intelligence, was successful in solving many mysteries of mathematics and astronomy and propounded many theories. Aryabhata was born 1600 years ago in ancient India. At that time, India was ruled by many kings. India was divided into many princely states in ancient times.





Aryabhata continued to speed up his work without getting distracted by the turmoil and uncertain governance of the princely states. In ancient India, there was no great scientist of extraordinary talent like Aryabhata.





The great scientist ‘Bhaskaracharya’, born in the 12th century, with his brilliant intelligence, had done research in astronomy similar to Aryabhata, hence Bhaskaracharya also got fame among the great scientists.





Aryabhata was the first famous astronomer and mathematician of ancient India. He was born in 476 AD in Pataliputra (which is currently known as Patna and is the capital of Bihar state). Aryabhatta has told in the composition of the book ‘Aryabhatiya’ that he is a resident of Patliput. When Aryabhata was 23 years old, 3600 years of Kalyuga had passed, from which it is known that the time of the composition of Aryabhatiya’s book was 449 AD.





Based on beliefs, it is known that Aryabhata’s education was initiated in Patliput. Pataliputra was also the place of residence of Aryabhata. Later, Aryabhata decorated the post of president in an educational institution in Pataliputra. Many historians also believe that the prominent astronomer had held the prestigious post of President of the then-famous University (Nalanda).





Eminent scientist Aryabhatta had established an observatory at a place called Taregna (presently near Patna) from which he used to get information about every planet and astronomical.





The great mathematician and astronomer Aryabhata mainly embodied his experience in mathematics and astronomy. The name of that book is ‘Aryabhatiya’ in which all his research works are mentioned.





Some of the research done by Aryabhata has ended but the usefulness of maximum research is still alive and relevant today…..





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