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Apj Abdul Kalam Biography in English Pdf









Dr. Abdul Kalam was a great scientist of India, he had decorated the post of President of India for 5 years. He is called the missile of India. Dr. Abdul Kalam had a major contribution to India’s nuclear weapons program in the past.





Biography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam





India’s great scientist Abdul Kalam was born on 15 October 1931 at Dhanushkodi in Rameshwar, Tamil Nadu, India, to Zainal Abdeen and Asimma. The economic condition of Dr. Abdul Kalam’s family was very bad.









Despite being illiterate, his father tried to give higher education to all his children because of his high thinking. Dr. Abdul Kalam was younger than his brothers and sisters. Dr. Abdul Kalam had three elder brothers and one elder sister. Due to poor financial conditions, Dr. Kalam had to sell newspapers in his childhood so that the family could get some financial help.





Dr. Abdul Kalam was a normal student in the early days of education, but he had a lot of curiosity in the knowledge of new subjects, so Abdul Kalam used to spend more time studying. Mathematics was Abdul’s favorite subject.





Education of Dr. Abdul Kalam





Dr. Abdul Kalam’s early education was in Ramanathapuram Tamil Nadu till matriculation. Abdul Kalam was greatly influenced by his teacher Ayyadurai Solomon. Ayyadurai Solomon often used to say to his student Abdul Kalam that a person should give place to hope, belief, and aspiration in his life. With these three basic mantras, a man can reach his destination without any difficulty. Abdul Kalam remained steadfast on these words of his teacher throughout his life.





After elementary education, Dr. Abdul Kalam obtained a B.Sc degree in Physics from St. Joseph’s College, Trichura Valli in 1954 and came to Madras in 1955. Dr. Abdul Kalam’s desire was to become a fighter pilot, so Dr. Kalam got education in INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY IN AEROSPACE ENGINEERING but he got ninth place in the result of the examination. IAF had announced only eight results due to which Dr. Abdul Kalam had failed.





After graduation, DR APJ ABDUL KALAM started working on a subject project, that project was related to the rocket model. The project in charge told Abdul Kalam that if this rocket model is not completed in three days, then his scholarship will be canceled. Dr. Abdul, rich in hard work and dedication, bypassing hunger and thirst day and night, devoted himself to his goal in just 24 hours and prepared the model of the rocket. The production in charge was taken aback when the model of the rocket was completed within such a short time frame. Dr. Abdul Kalam continued to face all the difficulties in life with courage and courage with his merits.





The career of Dr. Abdul Kalam





After completing his graduation, Abdul Kalam was selected as a scientist in the Defense Research Development Organization. Dr. Abdul Kalam had the privilege of working with Vikram Sarabhai, the famous scientist of that time. Dr. Abdul Kalam started work at ISRO Institute in 1969 as Project Director (ISRO). While working as the Project Director of ISRO, Dr. Abdul Kalam successfully placed India’s first satellite ‘Rohini’ in the Earth’s orbit in 1980.





Dr. Abdul Kalam realized that his objective was being fulfilled because only very lucky people got a chance at ISRO Institute. Dr. Abdul Kalam visited the NASA Institute of America in 1963-64. India’s famous nuclear scientist Raja Ramanna had invited Dr. Abdul Kalam to cooperate for the first nuclear test. Dr. Abdul Kalam became a renowned scientist in India during 1979-1980. Seeing the success of Dr. Abdul Kalam’s work, the Indian Prime Minister of that era Mrs. Indira Gandhi gave the responsibility of some secret work to Dr. Abdul Kalam without the permission of her cabinet.






Appointment of Dr. Abdul Kalam to the post of President






In view of the great achievements of Dr. Abdul Kalam, in the year 2002, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) made the National Democratic Alliance its candidate for the post of President. Dr. Abdul Kalam defeated his rival candidate Lakshmi Sehgal with a margin of more votes. Dr. Abdul Kalam had already received the Bharat Ratna award before becoming the President.





Dr. Abdul Kalam was sworn in as the 11th President of India on 25 July 2002. Before Dr. Abdul Kalam, two other Presidents Dr. Zakir Hussain and Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan have also received the prestigious award of Bharat Ratna. Dr. Abdul Kalam contributed to the field of information technology for Banaras Hindu University after being separated from the responsibility of the President.





He also contributed as Honorary Fellow and Visiting Professor to other educational institutions. Many youths used to take inspiration from Dr. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam always tried for a better future for the youth of the country. Dr. Abdul Kalam used to imagine a corruption-free India. Seeing the popularity of Dr. Abdul Kalam, many youths of the country honored him with the MTV Youth Icon of the Year Award twice.





Many national and international awards were given to Dr. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Abdul Kalam has embodied his valuable thoughts in the form of a book. The film ‘I am Kalam’ has also been produced on the life of Dr. Abdul Kalam.





Death of dr Abdul Kalam





Dr. Abdul Kalam was active even at the age of 84. He was delivering a lecture on ‘Livable Planet’ at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong when Dr. Abdul Kalam had a cardiac attack and Dr. Abdul Kalam fainted there. At 6:30 in the evening, Dr. Kalam was admitted to the ICU of Bethany Hospital, but to no avail, finally, after two hours, Abdul Kalam’s life journey came to a complete halt.





Dr. Abdul Kalam was cremated on 30 July 2015 in his native village Rameswaram. At the time of the funeral of Dr. Abdul Kalam, there was an estimated presence of 3,50,000 people and at Dr. Abdul Kalam’s funeral, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Governor of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and other dignitaries were essentially present. Were.





Dr. Abdul Kalam had a dream to see India as a developed country. Dr. Abdul Kalam will always remain a source of inspiration for Indian youth. Dr. Abdul Kalam was a disciplined person. He liked the study of both the Bhagavad Gita and the Quran. The death of Dr. Abdul Kalam is an irreparable loss to the country of India




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