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About The Book





So, the question became, How could a once-glorious life be ended swiftly and precisely, with minimum mess yet maximum impact?




Only a year ago, circumstances had been dramatically more hopeful. The entrepreneur had been widely celebrated as a titan of her industry, a leader of society, and a philanthropist.





She was in her late thirties, steering the technology company she founded in her dorm room in college to ever-increasing levels of marketplace dominance while producing products that her customers revered.






Yet now she was being blindsided, facing a mean-spirited and jealousy-fueled coup that would significantly dilute her ownership stake in the business she’d invested most of her life building, forcing her to find a new job.






The cruelty of this remarkable turn of events was proving to be unbearable for the entrepreneur. Beneath her, their regularly icy exterior beats a caring, compassionate, and deeply loving heart.






She felt life itself had betrayed her. And that she deserved so much better. She considered swallowing a gigantic bottle of sleeping pills.





The dangerous deed would be cleaner this way. Just take them all and get the job done fast, she thought. I need to escape this pain.





Then, she spotted something on the stylish oak dresser in her all-white bedroom—a ticket to a personal optimization conference that her mother had given her.






The entrepreneur usually laughed at people who attended such events, calling them “broken-winged” and saying they were seeking the answers of a pseudo guru when everything they needed to live a prolific and successful life was already within them.





Maybe it was time to rethink her opinion. She couldn’t see many options. Either she’d go to the seminar—and experience some breakthrough that would save her life. Or she’d find her peace. Via a quick death.





He was a speaker of the finest kind. A genuine Spellbinder. Nearing the end of a fabled career and now in his eighties, he had become revered throughout the world as a grandmaster of inspiration, a legend of leadership, and a sincere statesman helping everyday people realize their greatest gifts.
In a culture filled with volatility, uncertainty, and insecurity, TheSpellbinder’s events drew stadium-sized numbers of human beings who longed not only to lead masterful lives filled with creativity, productivity, and prosperity but also to exist in a way that passionately elevated humanity.
So that, in the end, they would feel confident they had left a wonderful legacy and made their mark on the generations that would follow.
This man’s work was unique. It blended insights that fortified the warrior within our characters with ideas that honored the soulful poet who resides inside the heart. His messaging showed ordinary individuals how to succeed at the highest levels of the business realm yet reclaim the magic of a life richly lived.
So, we return to the sense of awe we once knew before a hard and cold world placed our natural genius into bondage by an orgy of complexity, superficiality, and technological distraction.
Though The Spellbinder was tall, his advanced years left him slightly bent over. As he walked on the platform, he stepped carefully yet gracefully.
A precisely fitted charcoal gray suit with soft white pinstripes gave him an elegant look. And a pair of blue-tinted eyeglasses added just the right amount of cool.“Life’s too short to play small with your talents,” The Spellbinder spoke to the room of thousands. “You were born into the opportunity as well as the responsibility to become legendary.
You’ve been built to achieve masterwork-level projects, designed to realize unusually important pursuits, and constructed to be a force for good on this tiny planet. You have it in you to reclaim sovereignty over your primal greatness in a civilization that has become fairly uncivilized.





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